• Canada Cannabis Dispensary Blowout Grab Bags 2Platinum Girl Scout Cookies

    Blowout Grab Bags

    Sale $39.00
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  • Dream Cake Weed StrainDream Cake Weed Strain Cropped

    Dream Cake (AAAA)

    Indica: $7.11 – $8.86 / gram
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  • El Chapo OG Weed StrainEl Chapo OG Weed Strain Cropped

    El Chapo OG (AAAA)

    Indica: $7.46 – $9.14 / gram
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  • Premium Shake and Trim Canada Cannabis Dispensary

    Premium Shake and Trim (AAAA)

    Sale $99.00
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  • Strawberry Amnesia Weed StrainStrawberry Amnesia Weed Strain Cropped

    Strawberry Amnesia (AAAA)

    Sativa: $8.53 – $10.57 / gram
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  • Tangerine Man Weed StrainTangerine Man Weed Strain Cropped

    Tangerine Man (AAAA)

    Sativa: $8.53 – $10.57 / gram
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